Could Lone Wolf Attack Happen in U.S.?

The closer we get to the 10th “anniversary” of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2011, the more the Obama administration is ratcheting-up the rhetoric about the possibility of a “lone wolf attack” happening on our soil.

While I believe the chances of the government being able to stop a “lone wolf” are not great, I wonder about the possibility of more “organized” attacks, such as the one that occurred on September 11th, almost 10 years ago.

Video from FOX News:

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There is no rational explanation for the Obama administration’s continual denial, or perhaps better-stated, “refusal of admission,” that radical muslim terrorists are STILL a threat to the citizens of the United States of America, her territories and her citizens worldwide.

Except this:

When Eric Holder resigns, it will be a great day for America.

As will the date America once again chooses an America-loving President.


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