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Ron Paul Supporter Advocates "Shooting the Bastards," Hate for Jews & Israel, Anarchy, Revolution, New Conspiracy Theories & Accuses the GOP of Stealing the Vote ALL on Live Internet Radio Show Within a 9-minute Segment

This HAS to be a record, even for a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul supporting internet-radio talk show host Michael Rivero doesn’t like that the Iowa GOP leadership is moving the vote tabulation in next week’s Iowa caucuses behind closed-doors…and … Continue reading

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Are Glenn Beck’s Listeners a Part of a Christmas Miracle?

The Drudge Report is a news aggregate where millions of people get their news for the day. I’m one of those people. Earlier today, when checking out the headlines on Drudge, I saw this headline “SPIRIT: Anonymous donors paying strangers’ … Continue reading

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Governor Palin, If Not You, Who?

Governor, I’d like for you to know a few things about the path that those of us that are still hoping you’d run are going down. We’ve been kicked out of once-friendly Palin groups on facebook. Groups that we’ve been … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s IOWA Earthquake – 7 COMMERCIALS (Video)

—This post has been updated MULTIPLE times. Scroll down for commercial air dates and new TV and radio commercials that have been added.— I made these three four five videos for “Sarah Palin’s IOWA Earthquake” group on facebook. We are … Continue reading

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Breitbart’s Twitter Bitchfest – Re: Glenn Beck (VIDEO Included)

Conservative Andrew Breitbart is angry with conservative Glenn Beck. Last night, Breitbart took to Twitter to share his viewpoint. Not one of his several websites, but Twitter. On December 5th Andrew Breitbart sent 13 tweets, including re-tweets.December 6th: 11December 7th: … Continue reading

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The Cutest 7-second Video You’ll Ever See – The Bear Waves Back

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OWS Plans to Shut Down West Coast Ports & Wal-Mart Distribution Centers Today

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is planning to shut down some of the west coast ports today. They’re calling it the “West Coast Blockade.” Here’s their poster: So far, the facebook page for the Los Angeles version of this shutdown … Continue reading

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