When Mitt Romney Came to Town: Newt’s Take-down

Winning our Future,” a SuperPAC (Political Action Committee) that supports Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, released their scathing take-down of Mitt Romney today. It is entitled “When Mitt Romney Came to Town.” You may view it at this link: http://www.webcasts.com/kingofbain/

It only lasts 28 minutes and 6 seconds but it includes:
Closed factories
Foreclosed homes
People fired
Cancer patients
Sad, frail, elderly people
Closed toy stores
Sad kids
Greedy, evil capitalists
Average investors screwed over
Lies/proven by SEC filings
“America’s heartland”
Vietnam veterans screwed over
Pregnant lady screwed over
Destruction of people’s way of life

Mitt may have a little trouble explaining this.

28 minutes and 6 seconds.

At the end of the film a new page is loaded and the viewer is taken to the “Winning the Future” website where you can donate to the cause: http://www.winningourfuture.com/donate

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