Kiss My Ass Google – NebraskAttitude Lives – On WordPress


NebraskAttitude resurrected.

Screw you, Google.

Try to shut me up, bitch.

Try, try again.

I win.

My WordPress profile:

Unrepentant Conservative blogger.
Forced to WordPress by Google’s March 5th, 2012 deletion of my original Blogger blog and YouTube account.
Deleted Blog (approx 190 posts):
Deleted YT channel (approx 220 vids):
All gone.

New YouTube Channel:
You’re on my NEW blog.


About Shelly Dankert

Unrepentant Conservative blogger.
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10 Responses to Kiss My Ass Google – NebraskAttitude Lives – On WordPress

  1. Ray Acuna says:

    Shelly, just as a follow-up on this issue.
    Premiere Radio Networks is a CA company, in Sherman Oaks, a Clear Channel Communications subsidiary. They have some 150 employees, and are in the syndication business.
    They handle some 90 to 100 HIGH CLASS shows, I bet Rush is one of them.
    They are serious about defending their turf, and don’t want to lose a penny.
    Probably just realized you had something with the Rushbo’s voice on it ….
    I can tell you, they WILL be looking, and many other Rush clips will be disappearing from the Tube.
    They want EVERYBODY to subscribe to Rush, and watch / listen to every word he says on THEIR network, with the proper subscriptions, of course ….
    I’ll go check, see if I have anything from Rush posted anywhere, and clean it up!
    You can find them here:

    • Thanks for all the info. Premiere Radio definitely handles Rush…I can vouch for that. If they didn’t, they couldn’t claim ownership of the copyright.

      There are still thousands and thousands of Limbaugh clips on YouTube. More being uploaded as we speak (I’m sure – not by me – LOL).

      I have an idea why my account was torched….but, I can’t prove anything so I’ll keep that “idea” to myself. The vids that I had on there were all about 2 years old. Why did they choose to take them down just YESTERDAY? Makes no sense…unless my “idea” is correct. Sorry for the tease…I don’t wanna sound like a “conspiracy theorist.” 🙂

  2. Ray Acuna says:

    Thank you, Shelly!
    I LOVE that Nebraska attitude!
    Sooner or later I’ll have to pack up the family, and get the hell out of the People’s Republic of California, and move somewhere – somewhere, where we still have REAL America …


    • Glad you found me, Ray. I hadn’t gotten around to contacting you yet…but, trust me, you were on my list. Thanks! You made it easier for me. 🙂

  3. Kick’em tushy!!!thought PassingOnLiberty was wordpress too (thats me) but I have yet to kick in—it will happen here shortly! MARCH ON BREITBART! 🙂

  4. Timothy Donovan says:

    Welcome back Nebraska

  5. Kini says:

    Why? Why did Google ban you? I am concerned by Free Speech issues, I have been fighting this on my WordPress and Blogspot (a google owned product)

    I’ve read your posts before and really admire them. I’m just curious to know what google found offensive to cross the line into banning. Will this be a trend to bloggers?

    • shellymic says:

      Thank you, Kini.

      This has to do with Premiere Radio going on a tear today and claiming the copyright to some OLD Rush Limbaugh videos that I had on my YouTube account. They’d been on my YT acct for over 2 years. WHY they had to “claim” them today is beyond me. YouTube didn’t even give me the opportunity to delete them myself.

      Additionally, WHY they deleted my blog is beyond me. I never linked to any of MY old Rush vids that were removed…I HAD linked to a Rush video on the YT acct of ANOTHER YouTuber who’s account was also deleted today (thanks to Premiere Radio). Don’t know for sure what the deal was.

      What troubles have you been having with WordPress? I’ve always HATED the look of WordPress…I can’t believe that I’m here… LOL

    • Rod Eccles says:

      There is a problem with your first thought Kini. Free Speech issues are only applicable to the government. I dont have to let you say anything I dont like on my site. Google also has that right. If you bash them on their own sites, they have a right to take you down or even ban you.

      The best thing to do is to not bash your host unless you are paying them to host your site. In that case, then you would have every right to bash away, but if you are using their free stuff, you are doing so at their pleasure. Just saying. Other than that, I pretty much agree with the new Google policy/privacy and lack there of. I wont be using Google nearly as much as I used to.

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