Tea Party Patriots Asked Some Questions – I Answered

Earlier today, Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots posed a series of questions to the members of their Facebook page. Here is a screenshot of Jenny’s entire statement:

My response is below. Since Jenny asked that we respond to the “questions below,” that is what I did. The 1st comment Jenny made after she said “Please comment on the questions below:” is a “statement,” not a “question.” I didn’t respond to her 1st statement. I will post the videos that I included in my remarks at the bottom of this post or you can click on the links as they appear below. I made the 3 videos that I included below.

***Do you think the effort should be to coalesce around 1 candidate?

Yes. The Tea Party should have never settled for any other candidate OTHER THAN SARAH PALIN for the nomination.

She SAID she’d serve IF ASKED:
Sarah Palin – The Reluctant Candidate (Full Version)

Sarah Palin – The Reluctant Candidate (REMIX)

You all said, “she said no” or “respect her decision.” Why? Why did YOU give up on HER? As you’ve seen in the above videos, SHE SAID SHE’D SERVE IF ASKED. In her statement on October 5th, she said she “would not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination.”
She has NEVER said she “didn’t want to serve.”
She has NEVER said, “I won’t do it.”
She has NEVER said, “I don’t want to.”

***Do you think since Gov. Romney is ahead in delegate votes that the others should suspend campaigns?

Uh. No. Don’t want the Establishment’s pick (Romney) as the nominee. Don’t want the progressive Newt and don’t want the big-govt-loving, gaffe-a-minute Santorum, either.

***Do you think Etch-a-Sketch comment will hurt him?

Hope so. After all of his flip-flops, don’t see anyone that still supports this phony being affected by something one of his staffers said, though.

Not Romney
(Hour-long, best-case against Romney that you’ll see…if you bother to watch.)

***How enthusiastic are you about Presidential elections?

VERY! I want Obama GONE and if I have to settle for a lesser candidate, I will. If the nominee is NOT Palin, they are a “lesser candidate.” How anyone that has at anytime associated themselves with or considered themselves to be a Tea Partier can in any way support ANY of the current candidates is beyond me. I think the vast majority of Tea Partiers have totally FORGOTTEN the point of the Tea Party in the 1st place. We were supposed to stop the spending – not elect people who have done/will do NOTHING BUT SPEND. All of the 3 current front-runners can ALL boast this kind of record. This current field is embarrassing to me, a Tea Partier. I want Sarah Palin as our president. Period.

***Do you prefer for focus to be on the Senate, House, and state and/or local races rather than Presidential race?

The *focus* needs to be on “all of the above.” There is nothing that can be left unattended. We’ll handle our own local races. You, as the TPP, handle the bigger, nationwide/important races. When national candidates are in need, let us know.

I ended my answers with this statement:

All that being said, I’ll vote for the eventual nominee in the general election, whoever it is. I just won’t look forward to it like I had looked forward for the past 3 years to voting for Sarah Palin.


I haven’t. I want a brokered convention and I want HER to be the one that comes away with the nomination.

I want her as OUR president.
I want to see her DEFEAT Obama.


If you agree with my above statements and would like to see Sarah Palin as the 2012 GOP nominee, click this link and then click “Like” on this Facebook page: Sarah Palin – The ONLY Brokered Convention Selection We’ll Accept

Also, request to join Sarah Palin’s 2012 Earthquake on Facebook by clicking THIS LINK.

As of now, I’m STILL unwilling to simply settle for any of the the current candidates. Join me.


Here are the 3 videos I mentioned above:
Sarah Palin – The Reluctant Candidate (Full Version)

Sarah Palin – The Reluctant Candidate (REMIX)

Not Romney

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