Obama Is A Gigantic Hypocrite – Lilly Ledbetter & Romney (VIDEO)

The hypocrisy of President Obama knows no bounds.

The video explains everything.


Here is the video on BarackObamadotcom that accuses Mitt Romney of not supporting equal pay for women:
Mitt Romney Should Listen to Lilly Ledbetter

Here is the report of Barack Obama’s White House not engaging in equal pay for women:
Hostile Workplace – Obama White House pays women less than men, records show


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8 Responses to Obama Is A Gigantic Hypocrite – Lilly Ledbetter & Romney (VIDEO)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry, my name is mike c, I'm from Chicago I'm a liberal as you may well know. I've been looking for a good debate partner & your well spoken & I'd like to keep up the comments & have a back & forth over the issues. I have disqus or whatever that comment thing is but it's not showing that option

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure how the comment thing has been done. But have you gone to the link from the free beacon site to the 2011 annual report(which includes job titles)? I have been doing the math while debating with you & I came up w/ roughly the same numbers the free beacon did but only when I didn't account for job title as I had been saying

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your/their whole argument is predicated on information not presented in the article(job titles), rather assumed as "a given". If they got the names & median salaries for everyone working at the white house why didn't they contexualize the article with an example based on people working at the same position?(i.e. 4 cooks(2men/2women) the male cooks make [$] while the female cooks make [$]?)

  4. "It does not say the median salary of men at a particular position vs the median salary of women at the same position" – it doesn't need to state that. That IS the definition of "equal pay." That's not an assumption. It's the definition. _____Hey, can you please tell me how you're even commenting on these comments on blogger? I have DISQUS comments enabled on my blog and have had this blogger comment section shut off for more than 6 months. Someone else just commented on the DISQUS comments so I know they are working…but, I don't know why/how THIS comment section was available to you. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No but job title is not a given in the article. It does not say the median salary of men at a particular position vs the median salary of women at the same position (and give examples showing the same position). You are assuming that. It simply says the median salary of all women working at the WH vs the median salary of all men working at the WH. And as we both know men have had higher tier job titles at the WH dating back to the beginning of the building.

  6. Do you seriously believe that the President couldn't get equal pay for women in the White House? And, btw, you don't need to get into the discussion about the "level of responsibilities/job title" because that is a given. You are failing to recognize that the Free Beacon article understands this. It appears that you are the one that doesn't. "Equal pay" has never meant anything BUT that. It doesn't mean that a cook will receive the same pay as their boss. It means that a female cook and a male cook will receive equal pay. Obama is accusing Romney of not supporting equal pay and he can't even get it right in his own White House. I'm not in a position to defend Romney (nor will I be). I'm simply pointing out that the president is being hypocritical in accusing Romney of doing exactly what he himself is currently overseeing. Obama is making a prediction about Romney. It's a fact that Obama's White House doesn't offer equal pay. That's hypocritical.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah the other problem w/the free beacon is that the Prez doesn't set the pay for WH employees. That was a congressional law passed in the '80's, so maybe your argument is that Prez Obama didn't hire enough women at the top tiers(a good argument). But he still has more women in staff than Romney would based on who he has close to him presently

  8. Anonymous says:

    The free becon article doesn't take into account that not everybody working at the white house has the same responsabilities, thus get compensated differently. The Ledbetter law is equal pay for equal work, equal work meaning same level of resonsabilities(job title if you will). It says women should be on the pay scale. But this is your only argument on this? The free beacon article assumes everybody at the WH holds the same job title

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