Sarah Palin’s 5 Interviews About the Ryan/Biden VP Debate (5 VIDEOS)

2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin has done a series of interviews over the past couple of days to discuss the Vice-Presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.

Below you will find all 5 interviews. Because Sarah has an exclusive contract with FOX News, meaning she can’t do interviews with other networks, all interviews are with FOX News, FOX Business, and FOX Radio.

Gov. Palin with Megyn Kelly on FOX News (Thursday, 10.11.12):

Gov. Palin with Bill O’Reilly on FOX News (Thursday, 10.11.12):

Gov. Palin with Neil Cavuto on FOX Business :

Gov. Palin with Sean Hannity on FOX News :

Gov. Palin with Brian Kilmeade on FOX Radio :

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