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Matt Drudge Has Fun With “Weiner” Headlines (VIDEO Included)

Seriously, how do you write a headline that involves Anthony Weiner? Matt Drudge, affectionately referred to hereafter as “Drudge”, of the “Drudge Report” writes headlines that are often informative, entertaining, and sometimes include double meaning or sarcasm. Over the past … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman Helps Save 4 People – Pulls Crash Victims From Overturned SUV – LAST WEEK! (Not A Joke)

This is not a joke. George Zimmerman is being labeled a “hero” by Florida police. Here’s the story from multiple sources: QUOTE from The Daily Caller: “What if George hadn’t gotten out of his truck?” That’s the question Shawn Vincent, … Continue reading

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Detroit Bankrupt – In So Many Ways… (Flashback VIDEO)

While watching the Sunday news shows I was reminded of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm – because she was a guest on “Meet the Press” yesterday. The mere mention of her name reminded me of a video I’d made back … Continue reading

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Q: When Has Zimmerman Had Enough? A: “When the Government Decides.” (VIDEO)

Photo credit: The Blaze Best-selling “faction” (mix of fact & fiction) author Brad Thor got into a heated discussion with the hosts of local Chicago morning show “Windy City Live” yesterday. The heat came while discussing the offer Brad made … Continue reading

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“The Lynching” of George Zimmerman – Afterburner With Bill Whittle (MUST SEE VIDEO)

Amazing. You won’t believe what you don’t know… Here’s the post from The Conservative Treehouse to which Bill Whittle referred in the video. This post was published on May 12, 2012: Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Case Was Socially Engineered…No Less, No More

The picture to the left…who is in it? Don’t you know? The guy on the left, wearing red, is a 7-11 clerk. The guy in the black hoodie is…Trayvon Martin…MINUTES prior to his death. That picture hardly makes Trayvon appear … Continue reading

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