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Glenn Beck Net “TheBlaze” To Air TWO Pro-Gun Series Cancelled by NBC Sports

Glenn Beck & guns? Awwwww yeeeaaah! (If you’re not a long-time listener, you won’t get that. Sorry. Really…sorry.) NBC Sports Network was scheduled to air “Hot Shots” (1st season – as far as I can tell) and “3 Gun Nation” … Continue reading

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What the hell is so great about GoPro cameras?

JUST FOR FUN I’ve seen probably a minimum of 100 videos on YouTube that were recorded with a GoPro camera. What the hell is the point? What the hell is so great about GoPro cameras? Other than: they can be … Continue reading

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Ban Liberals From Rodeos – Clown Banned From MO State Fair For Wearing Obama Mask

The rodeo clown who wore a rubber mask of President Obama at the Missouri State Fair has been banned for life from ever participating in that rodeo again. Liberals should be BANNED from attending rodeos if this is how they … Continue reading

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