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Some Of The Best Military Videos On Youtube – In My Opinion…

I wanted to share some of the best military videos I’ve seen on YouTube. This isn’t an all-inclusive list. It’s just some of the best that I’ve watched recently. This first video is a pretty intensive look at the daily … Continue reading

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Attempted “Honor Killing” In Lincoln, NE – Enforcement of Sharia Law

This is Nebraska…no honor killings allowed. So, in Lincoln, Nebraska there was an attempt at an “honor killing” yet, there is no charge for attempted murder? Nor was there any mention in local media of this being an attempted “honor … Continue reading

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House Members Filing Articles Of Impeachment Against AG Eric Holder On Thursday

Well…this story from is “fun”…but, it won’t go anywhere because it is in the SENATE where a conviction for impeachment takes place. Dems control the Senate. This will go nowhere because “The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the … Continue reading

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HEALTHCARE.GOV .gov! .G O V! DOT GOV!!! (Which is GOVERNMENT-RUN hence, the “.gov” web domain.) They’re NOT allowing all comments under their (YOUR) YouTube videos! A government-run entity is NOT allowing people to post comments without approval on YouTube. I’m … Continue reading

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