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Cliven Bundy Ranch In Nevada – INFO – LINKS – VIDEOS – Federal Government Public Land Takeover

This post is a collection of links to all kinds of media information related to the Cliven Bundy Nevada ranch stand-off with our “Federal Government” under the name of the “BLM” (Bureau of Land Management). I’m not a conspiracy believer … Continue reading

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Clive Bundy And His Pocket Constitution – (Nevada Rancher – Feds Removing Cattle From Public Land)

Clive Bundy is a rancher in Clark County Nevada (southernmost tip of the state) who has been fighting the federal government since approximately 1993 over the grazing rights of his cattle. The Feds (BLM – Bureau of Land Management) filed … Continue reading

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What Goes In…Must Come Out? (Abortion Filmed & On YouTube)

So, some poor, ignorant girl who counsels women who are seeking abortions got pregnant and decided to film her “experience” and subsequently posted the video of her receiving an abortion on YouTube. This same poor, ignorant girl also disabled the … Continue reading

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