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YouTube Channel Used By ISIS Still Online – UPDATE: ***VIDEO STILL ON YOUTUBE***

This morning ISIS released a 4th video. No one lost their life in this video and there was no gore in it. The video was originally uploaded to YouTube on this channel. That 4th video that was posted by ISIS … Continue reading

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LaSean McCoy’s 20-cent Tip Receipt – Ebay Bidding at $99,900 – You Read That Right

Richie Rich NFL football player LaSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles goes into a burger joint in Philly and spends $61.56. He leaves a 20-cent tip “to make a statement” and a picture of his credit card receipt goes viral … Continue reading

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The View Replaces One Whore With Another (Nicolle Wallace)

4 whores in a box. So, Jenny McCarthy (the “whore‘” I referenced in the title) and Sherri Shepard are being replaced on The View. I really don’t personally know anyone who cares about this. I do, however, know a few … Continue reading

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“Palin Family Brawl” – I SOOOOOOOO Want This Story To Be TRUE!!!

Oh, YES! I’ve read the latest stupid stories about the Palin family supposedly being “involved in a brawl” from the political ne’er do wells over at the Immoral Minority and Political Gates (& I’m NOT linking to them…let THEM link … Continue reading

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A Few Of My Favorite Joan Rivers Clips (VIDEO)

Whether you were a fan of Joan Rivers or not, her career spanned 5 decades. Will you have a longer career than her? The vast majority of people won’t. Will you be as active at age 81 as Joan was? … Continue reading

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Twitter Snobs Whine About Facebook Being Down

Facebook is down right now was down for about 15 minutes or so and more than a few Twitters users are were having a snit fit about Facebook users checking to see if other people were having trouble accessing Facebook. … Continue reading

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