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Roseanne Banned From Delivering Anti-Semitism Speech In Berkeley, CA

Roseanne Barr, who was born a Jew in Salt Lake City, UT, was scheduled to deliver a speech about anti-Semitism at “The Magnes”, which is a Jewish museum in Berkeley, CA, on the night of Tuesday, February 17th. Then she … Continue reading

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U.S. Marines Surrounded By Presidential Failure (MY VIDEO)

I fear for the security and safety of the United States military under the command of Obama, the President of Failure. I have great faith in our military. I have zero faith in Obama. I edited the following video. Please … Continue reading

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Thank You To Glenn Beck For Posting Barbaric ISIS Video On TheBlaze (GRAPHIC)

ISIS burned a man alive. He was a Jordanian pilot who fell into the hands of ISIS after his fighter jet crashed in ISIS territory. Everyone who pays attention to the news knew that this wouldn’t turn out well for … Continue reading

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