Roseanne Banned From Delivering Anti-Semitism Speech In Berkeley, CA

Roseanne Barr, who was born a Jew in Salt Lake City, UT, was scheduled to deliver a speech about anti-Semitism at “The Magnes”, which is a Jewish museum in Berkeley, CA, on the night of Tuesday, February 17th.

Then she sent this tweet (which Roseanne deleted – that’s why it’s not embedded here like all the other tweets below):

(If you’d like to know more about why Roseanne sent the above tweet, read this article from the Sacramento Bee: Comic Roseanne Barr jumps into UC Davis fray, says she hopes campus ‘gets nuked’)

Then some hissy-fit-throwing, free-speech-denying, Jew-hating, crybaby liberals (Are there any other kind?) got offended by Roseanne’s TWEET and began a petition to get her banned from being allowed to speak at the The Mangnes museum. Ultimately, they succeeded.

(The following tweets appear in the order in which Roseanne sent them – not in the typical bassackwards way in which everything appears on Twitter.)

(#BDS refers to the “Palestinian BDS National Committee” on Twitter.)

I remember another speaker whose event was cancelled due to “security” issues not too long ago: Sarah Palin Denver Speech Canceled Over ‘Personal Attacks’

Haters of all stripes should ALL be happy. Yet another person with whom they disagree will not have an opportunity to speak.


I think this is funny:

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