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#WAR, bitches. Ted Cruz Knows Who His Friends Are (Cruz Toasts Andrew Breitbart – 2013)

I thought I’d share this video so that others (bloggers) may see it and share it…and, so that others (in the media) may understand that Ted Cruz knows who his friends are. He won’t be utilizing the “mainstream media” during … Continue reading

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When The Internet Is Used For Good…

When the internet is used for good, it can be a beautiful thing and lives can be changed for the better. However, when the internet is not used for good, things can quickly devolve and lives can be affected in … Continue reading

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Ferguson Police Tell Protesters To Put Their “HANDS UP” – Protesters Bitch & Moan To Police

According to what was recorded on a live stream last night in Ferguson, MO the protesters in Ferguson haven’t learned ONE DAMN THING over the past many months. They’re the ones that have repeatedly chanted the FALSE “Hands up, don’t … Continue reading

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