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Does Sendvid Support ISIS? (UPDATED)

*****SCROLL DOWN FOR AN UPDATE TO THIS STORY***** While perusing Twitter for ISIS accounts to “report” to Twitter, I come across many gross things…many…many sickening pictures, many gross videos, and many examples of human waste, more commonly referred to as … Continue reading

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Caitlyn Jenner IS A Hero – But, NOT A WAR HERO! Different Kinds Of Heroes CAN Exist In Our Society.

I was born in the early 1970’s. I don’t remember Bruce Jenner’s performance in the Olympics where he won the decathlon and was declared the “greatest athlete of all time” (for winning the decathlon — apparently, this is “declared” every … Continue reading

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A Short Message For My Christian Friends (VIDEO)

I was only going to post this on Facebook but I decided to include it here for any of my Facebook friends that are “away from Facebook” right now but might be subscribers to this blog. The last half of … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders-Supporting, HRC-hating, Communist Taunts Pro-Open Carry Advocate Outside St. Louis Zoo

A few weeks ago (on June 13th) a union-supporting communist, Richard Johnson, approached an open-carry advocate who was legally standing on the sidewalk outside the St. Louis zoo. (That’s when the video was uploaded to YouTube, anyway.) Open-carry has been … Continue reading

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