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Reagan & Carter Skipped Debates In ’80…But Not Because They Were Afraid To Face A Woman They’d Abused

Donald Trump says he won’t attend tomorrow’s FOX News GOP debate…because of a woman, Megyn Kelly. Trump has had a problem with Megyn Kelly since the first GOP debate in which she asked him a question he was unable to … Continue reading

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Trump Doesn’t Want Scary Megyn Kelly Asking Him Tough Questions. Waaaaa!

Minons movie/Trump supporters circa 2016 This. This is freaking awesome. Based on @MegynKelly‘s conflict of interest and bias she should not be allowed to be a moderator of the next debate. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 23, 2016 // … Continue reading

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Hey, Trump! I’ll Guess Megyn Kelly Has The Physical Evidence To Prove Your Lies…

Screen grab from Vanity Fair video. February 2016 issue of Vanity Fair – cover story: “Blowhards, Beware: Megyn Kelly Will Slay You Now” Donald Trump would be wise to not question the assertion by Megyn Kelly in the cover story … Continue reading

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