Don’t Call ME A Traitor, Sarah Palin – #NeverTrump (VIDEO)

#NeverTrumpers can read my rant below the video much quicker than I read it to you in the video below.

Trumphumpers, you’d better listen AND read. Use the text beneath the video to follow along…you should highlight the text as you follow along so you don’t lose your place as I most likely will read faster than you can follow along.

Scroll ALL the way to the bottom for a special follow-up video in which I take a minute (literally) to briefly address the members of the Palin AND Trump cults.

This little rant of mine today has been brewing for quite some time. For the past few months I’ve looked past much of what Sarah Palin has said about those of us who don’t support her flavor-of-the month selection for President of the United States. That ends today.

I have literally spent THOUSANDS of hours out of the past several years working to SUPPORT and DEFEND Sarah Palin. I’m one of the founding members of “Sarah Palin’s Earthquake,” a group that was maligned, mocked, and attacked by not just the left but also by other Sarah supporters & fellow Conservatives because, apparently, they thought we were “rude” for asking Sarah a question (to run for president). I’m the person that made all of the videos for the group…more than 50 videos for the group. I’ve also made a countless number of other videos in support of Sarah Palin that were or are on my own YouTube channels. The license plates you see in this video were on my vehicle for the past FIVE YEARS. A couple of years ago at a GOP fundraiser in Orange Beach, Alabama, I actually got the opportunity to show a picture of these plates TO Sarah Palin herself… which she said, “Oh, you’re so bold.”

Yesterday, in a Facebook post, Sarah Palin screamed in ALL CAPS: “GOP ‪#‎NEVERTRUMP‬ TRAITORS – HILLARY DELIGHTS IN YOU, FOR SHE CAN’T WIN WITHOUT YOU.” For the past 7+ years many of us “TEA Partiers” and Conservatives have been called names and mocked by not just many on the left, but by President Obama himself. If Sarah Palin thinks that we are going to take that bullshit from her now, she needs to get a clue.

Hey, Sarah:

After 7+ years of being mocked and called names while defending YOU and the values and principles that YOU conned us into believing YOU stood for, the last thing YOU should expect is for US to sit down, shut up, and take that SAME treatment FROM YOU!!!

Kiss my ass, you two-faced, hypocritical, turncoat, traitorous BITCH!!!

The old saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” comes to mind because you whored yourself out to Donald Trump and, by doing so, you BETRAYED all of us who believed you when you said you gave a damn about the Constitution. We believed that when YOU said, “we need to elect commonsense CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES” that YOU actually BELIEVED what you were saying. Then, you endorsed Trump…a pathetic excuse for a “man” who not only is NOT a Conservative, but he has zero respect for the Constitution which he proves on an almost daily basis with all of his desires to forego many of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights like due process and freedom of speech.

What a slut you are, Sarah. You cheated on us all! We feel, not only betrayed by you, but we also feel cheated on, lied to, and made a fool by you.

And, now YOU have the gall to call US “traitors”? To hell with YOU! YOU are the traitor!

You’re a traitor to the Constitution and you’re a traitor to ALL that you’ve SAID that you’ve believed in in the past. Shame on you. I’m so sorry I spent so much of my time defending you…only to have YOU stab ME in the back for sticking to my principles and not jumping on the bandwagon of the lying, orange-faced, tiny-fingered, thin-skinned, GOP version of the worthless Obama.

When Hillary wins, it won’t be because I didn’t vote for Trump. It will be because YOU whored yourself out to a loser who is the most-hated candidate since polling of that topic began! One has to SUCK pretty bad to be hated worse than Hillary Clinton, but it is something that Donald Trump has achieved. And, you want ME to vote for that pile of garbage? I wouldn’t inflict that pile of shit on this country any more than I’d inflict Hillary Clinton on it. That’s for those of you dumbasses who think that because I’m NOT voting for Trump I’ll be voting for Hillary instead.

(Donald Trump is not the nominee yet. He’s the presumptive nominee. If, at the Convention, he becomes the nominee then YOU are the ones that have left me with no choice because I will not vote for evil no matter in what form it comes. You can. You’re free to…just as I’m free to NOT vote for either one of those two piles of garbage.)

YOU will only have YOURSELF to blame. But, I DO UNDERSTAND what it must be like for you as you begin to realize the damage you’ve done. You’ve GOT to find someone else to blame for your screw up. Well, I have an idea, Sarah…for the first time ever, why don’t you take a long, hard look in the mirror? IF you can EVER FINALLY summon the courage to admit YOU were wrong, submit a full apology to all of us who you have so sorely wronged, and maybe, just maybe, one day, some REAL commonsense, CONSTITUTIONAL Conservative somewhere will once again give a damn about your two cents. Until then, save the task of insulting REAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES to the leftists…you know, the same people who’ve been attacking YOU for years…because, they too believed your schtick about your being one of us. Who would have EVER THOUGHT that I’d have to DEFEND other CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES ***FROM YOU***???

Definition of “Whored”:

“3. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.
intr.v. whored”

Now, a special message for the members of the Trump and Palin cults:

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