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A Short Message For My Christian Friends (VIDEO)

I was only going to post this on Facebook but I decided to include it here for any of my Facebook friends that are “away from Facebook” right now but might be subscribers to this blog. The last half of … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders Mocked In Moroccan Mosque CARTOON In Netherlands

Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders has been mocked and/or taunted (you decide – I think, both) in a cartoon published by an “organization” of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands according to a story published on “The Post Online” which is … Continue reading

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#WAR, bitches. Ted Cruz Knows Who His Friends Are (Cruz Toasts Andrew Breitbart – 2013)

I thought I’d share this video so that others (bloggers) may see it and share it…and, so that others (in the media) may understand that Ted Cruz knows who his friends are. He won’t be utilizing the “mainstream media” during … Continue reading

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The View Replaces One Whore With Another (Nicolle Wallace)

4 whores in a box. So, Jenny McCarthy (the “whore‘” I referenced in the title) and Sherri Shepard are being replaced on The View. I really don’t personally know anyone who cares about this. I do, however, know a few … Continue reading

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Obama & Holder Complain About Skin Color Because They Are Devoid Of Character – Allen West (VIDEO)

Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West spoke at the Western Conservative Summit today in Denver, Colorado. West began his speech by addressing the theme of the Summit “America At Its Best”. This is why Allen West is so loved by … Continue reading

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Conservative Conspiracies Flourishing

OPINION I think I’m becoming a minority among Conservatives…because I don’t buy into conspiracies. I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am of ALL the conspiracy bulls__t that Conservatives are spreading in greater and greater numbers. I see … Continue reading

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There Is NO Censorship Of Conservatives By Facebook – READ Before Commenting! (Or I WILL Censor You)

Last night while in one of the closed (aka, inaccessible unless you are a member) Facebook groups of which I am a member, I participated in a discussion about whether or not it is Conservatives or Liberals who are actually … Continue reading

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