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Caitlyn Jenner IS A Hero – But, NOT A WAR HERO! Different Kinds Of Heroes CAN Exist In Our Society.

I was born in the early 1970’s. I don’t remember Bruce Jenner’s performance in the Olympics where he won the decathlon and was declared the “greatest athlete of all time” (for winning the decathlon — apparently, this is “declared” every … Continue reading

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A Short Message For My Christian Friends (VIDEO)

I was only going to post this on Facebook but I decided to include it here for any of my Facebook friends that are “away from Facebook” right now but might be subscribers to this blog. The last half of … Continue reading

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You Can Help Christians & Gays In The Middle East TODAY – HELP Disrupt ISIS Online!

Those of you who pay attention to the news know about the atrocities committed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations against Christians, gays, and other Muslims who “aren’t Muslim enough” all across the Middle East. Some of you have watched … Continue reading

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Freddie Gray Family Attorney Billy Murphy Wants Imprisoned Gays Segregated…Oh, And He’s A Racist (VIDEO)

Judge William H. “Billy” Murphy, who is the attorney for the family of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, is an LGBT-paranoid, race-baiting huckster on a level that this country has never before experienced. Freddie Gray is the young black man who … Continue reading

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A “Gay Apology & Plea” To Christians…& A Few Notes For All Involved

My blog. My name. My face. My words. I’m not a coward and I’m not anonymous. To all of the individuals, families, and businesses that have been affected by the hysterical attacks from the militant, leftist, fascist gays in the … Continue reading

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