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Goodbye, Europe…Muslim “Migrant” Invasion Will Erase You

Read this first: German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers then come back here. Everyone that rejects the take-over of their community will be branded an “extremist”….everyone, whether they are or not. Everyone who doesn’t fall in line … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders-Supporting, HRC-hating, Communist Taunts Pro-Open Carry Advocate Outside St. Louis Zoo

A few weeks ago (on June 13th) a union-supporting communist, Richard Johnson, approached an open-carry advocate who was legally standing on the sidewalk outside the St. Louis zoo. (That’s when the video was uploaded to YouTube, anyway.) Open-carry has been … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Net “TheBlaze” To Air TWO Pro-Gun Series Cancelled by NBC Sports

Glenn Beck & guns? Awwwww yeeeaaah! (If you’re not a long-time listener, you won’t get that. Sorry. Really…sorry.) NBC Sports Network was scheduled to air “Hot Shots” (1st season – as far as I can tell) and “3 Gun Nation” … Continue reading

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The USA, Glenn Beck, & The NRA (Full VIDEO)

If you haven’t heard Glenn Beck’s keynote to the last NRA convention, you should. It’s been online since the early AM of May 5th. I just finished it tonight (and, now that I have the time this early AM, I’m … Continue reading

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I Am A First Responder…To Gun Violence

November of 2005: Two friends and I are sitting at the bar in our low-crime-rate city at The 5th Street Tavern after work on a mid-Saturday afternoon when a man opens the bar’s front door and yells “I’ve been shot! … Continue reading

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A 15-year-old Girl Knows More About the 2nd Amendment Than Your Elected Reps

Logic. Statistics/Facts. Common sense. Liberals will HATE her. Welcome her to the reality known as Conservatism. Listen: (H/T The Right Scoop) If you wish to be notified of my future blog posts, please subscribe to my blog via the “Follow … Continue reading

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Hate Wins On The Left…It’s All They Know…Keep Sharing

Hate speaks. Loudly. And, it’s gaining traction. The nasty anti-Palin blog known as “The Immoral Minority” has a lot of traffic. Why is that? Is it just because the the “leader” of that pack (Gryphen) has a good sense of … Continue reading

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