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Husker Coach Bo Pelini Is A Liar – His Comments About Tommie Frazier Are Proof

Bo Pelini is a liar. After his 2011 comments about us Husker football fans were recently outed, Bo now says he’s “sorry” for the comments he made – most likely only because he got caught. (While wanting nothing more than … Continue reading

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An Entire Overtime Football Game in 28 minutes…

I needed a break from politics so for the past few days I’ve been playing with something a little different…football. I’ve wondered for years how long it would take to watch an entire football game without all of the breaks … Continue reading

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Penn State vs. Nebraska – Pre & Post-game Prayer, Interviews & Commentary (VIDEO)

The Penn State vs. Nebraska football game was held Saturday in the wake of the child rape/abuse scandal that is sweeping Penn State. The game was the last home game for Penn State and is the first time in 46 … Continue reading

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