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I May Have Just Cast My Last Vote As A Republican

I just returned home from voting in the Nebraska Republican Primary. It may have been the last Republican Primary in which I’ll vote. What happens in the presidential race over the next few months will ultimately determine what I’ll choose … Continue reading

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Ben Sasse: “The only choice people get are 2 dishonest NY liberals?” (VIDEO)

Nebraska’s one Conservative member of Congress, Senator Ben Sasse, just appeared on Gretchen Carlson’s show on FOX News. The entire interview can be seen in the video below. This is part of what Ben had to say: “The Republican party … Continue reading

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Caitlyn Jenner IS A Hero – But, NOT A WAR HERO! Different Kinds Of Heroes CAN Exist In Our Society.

I was born in the early 1970’s. I don’t remember Bruce Jenner’s performance in the Olympics where he won the decathlon and was declared the “greatest athlete of all time” (for winning the decathlon — apparently, this is “declared” every … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders Mocked In Moroccan Mosque CARTOON In Netherlands

Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders has been mocked and/or taunted (you decide – I think, both) in a cartoon published by an “organization” of Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands according to a story published on “The Post Online” which is … Continue reading

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“Draw Muhammad” Contest Held In Nebraska – Winner Announced! (VIDEO)

The man in the video below is my brother, Mike Dankert. I didn’t know he was planning on making this video. It just showed up a couple hours ago in my Facebook inbox. It seems that my brother decided to … Continue reading

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When The Internet Is Used For Good…

When the internet is used for good, it can be a beautiful thing and lives can be changed for the better. However, when the internet is not used for good, things can quickly devolve and lives can be affected in … Continue reading

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Attempted “Honor Killing” In Lincoln, NE – Enforcement of Sharia Law

This is Nebraska…no honor killings allowed. So, in Lincoln, Nebraska there was an attempt at an “honor killing” yet, there is no charge for attempted murder? Nor was there any mention in local media of this being an attempted “honor … Continue reading

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