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Goodbye, Europe…Muslim “Migrant” Invasion Will Erase You

Read this first: German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers then come back here. Everyone that rejects the take-over of their community will be branded an “extremist”….everyone, whether they are or not. Everyone who doesn’t fall in line … Continue reading

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Thank A Cop In Your Town – Tues, Sept 8, 6:30 PM At #YourCopShop

(All opinions stated in this blog post are mine. My opinions do not reflect the opinion of any who choose to participate in the following action. I speak solely for myself; I do not speak for this movement in part … Continue reading

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MUST SEE: “Restoring Unity” Crowd Parts & Cheers 89-Year Old Veteran As He Completes The March (VIDEO)

This weekend Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Unity” march took place in Birmingham, AL. And the man on the right, 89-year old Roger Coit Chappell who served in the Navy in the South Pacific, participated, as in “marched in”, the entire march. … Continue reading

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