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GOP-led Senate Panel Votes To Allow Women To Be Drafted Into War

As a woman…I’ve always wanted women to be ALLOWED into combat. However, I’ve never thought ANY woman should be “forced” into combat. There are just some women who wouldn’t be able to hack it (as there are also a few … Continue reading

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“With Open Gates” – FULL VIDEO – All Audio Included – Hosted on Dutch Website

On November 9th, 2015 a video titled “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations – Extended Cinematic 1080p” was uploaded to YouTube and had been viewed 1.2 million views. Approximately 3 days after it was posted on … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Europe…Muslim “Migrant” Invasion Will Erase You

Read this first: German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers then come back here. Everyone that rejects the take-over of their community will be branded an “extremist”….everyone, whether they are or not. Everyone who doesn’t fall in line … Continue reading

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Ahmed Mohamed & Civilization Jihad – Eliminating Western Civilization

A po’ witto “tortured” 14-year old Muslim “boy” Ahmed Mohamed “made a clock”, (or did he just take the guts out of a 1980’s clock and put it in his “pencil case”), took it to school, and got arrested for … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck – “People From CIA Working With Us To Vet Refugees” (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck has been working for months to try to get persecuted Christians out of Syria and Iraq effectively saving their lives from the ISIS scumbags that wish to see them dead. His Mercury One charity’s “Nazarene Fund” is working … Continue reading

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Applause & Prayers For Police Officers In Norfolk, NE (VIDEO) – #ThankACop

(All opinions stated in this blog post are mine. My opinions do not reflect the opinion of anyone else who chose to participate in the following action. I speak solely for myself; I do not speak for this movement in … Continue reading

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***UPDATED*** Did THIS New Black Panther Kill A Harris Co TX Deputy Last Night? (PICS)

*****UPDATE 5:57 PM CST***** Newly released (and corrected) mugshot of the person in custody – from the Harris County S.O. twitter feed: But, I still think the guy from the NBP looks more like the man in the picture from … Continue reading

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