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GOP-led Senate Panel Votes To Allow Women To Be Drafted Into War

As a woman…I’ve always wanted women to be ALLOWED into combat. However, I’ve never thought ANY woman should be “forced” into combat. There are just some women who wouldn’t be able to hack it (as there are also a few … Continue reading

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I May Have Just Cast My Last Vote As A Republican

I just returned home from voting in the Nebraska Republican Primary. It may have been the last Republican Primary in which I’ll vote. What happens in the presidential race over the next few months will ultimately determine what I’ll choose … Continue reading

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Obama’s War on Missing Children – Amber Alert System Goes Dark During Govt Shutdown

This post has been updated (scroll down for the update). I guess Obama thinks that missing children don’t need to be found while the federal government is “shutdown”. Here’s the link for the Amber Alert system:‎ Click it. This … Continue reading

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Affordable Care Act? Obama’s A Damn Comedian! – Read & Share! (Facebook Post By Will Sheehan)

If there’s still anyone left who thinks Obamacare, otherwise known as the “Affordable Care Act”, is “affordable” or has one damn thing to do with “care”, please read this Facebook post which was originally posted on the ““ Facebook timeline … Continue reading

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Under Obamacare MS Sufferer Will Save *$12 A YEAR* And Receive Less Coverage (Guest Post)

This is the first “guest post” on this blog. I know the author, Sandra, personally and I recently became aware of some of the impending changes to her health coverage due to Obamacare. (A few years ago Sandra was diagnosed … Continue reading

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Greta Interviews Rumsfeld – This is FUN! He SMACKS Obama as a WEAK LEADER – (VIDEO!!!)

It’s always fun when a member of the Bush administration calls Obama a pathetic leader………and, that’s exactly what Donald Rumsfeld did…multiple times in his interview with Greta last night. I’ve transcribed a couple of the best parts for you. Beginning … Continue reading

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Ban Liberals From Rodeos – Clown Banned From MO State Fair For Wearing Obama Mask

The rodeo clown who wore a rubber mask of President Obama at the Missouri State Fair has been banned for life from ever participating in that rodeo again. Liberals should be BANNED from attending rodeos if this is how they … Continue reading

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