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Thank You To Glenn Beck For Posting Barbaric ISIS Video On TheBlaze (GRAPHIC)

ISIS burned a man alive. He was a Jordanian pilot who fell into the hands of ISIS after his fighter jet crashed in ISIS territory. Everyone who pays attention to the news knew that this wouldn’t turn out well for … Continue reading

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If MLB Speeds Up Game Play Does That Mean There Will Be Less “Ball Play”?

This is my blog…I keep trying to remind myself that I CAN make ANY kind of posts to it that I’d like. They don’t ALL have to relate to “news”. This morning, that’s exactly what I’m doing. So, The Blaze … Continue reading

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“Palin Family Brawl” – I SOOOOOOOO Want This Story To Be TRUE!!!

Oh, YES! I’ve read the latest stupid stories about the Palin family supposedly being “involved in a brawl” from the political ne’er do wells over at the Immoral Minority and Political Gates (& I’m NOT linking to them…let THEM link … Continue reading

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Hamas Propagandizes Video Of Israeli Missile Strikes (VIDEO)

I know…it’s amazing that Hamas would tell lies (sarc). It’s almost as if they’ve been taking lessons from Obama on how to become professional liars. I digress. The first video below was uploaded to YouTube on July 23rd by the … Continue reading

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Obama’s War on Missing Children – Amber Alert System Goes Dark During Govt Shutdown

This post has been updated (scroll down for the update). I guess Obama thinks that missing children don’t need to be found while the federal government is “shutdown”. Here’s the link for the Amber Alert system:‎ Click it. This … Continue reading

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Apologists in the Republican Party Attack Michele Bachmann

The apologists in the Republican party have joined the ignorant left and have come out to blast Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for standing up for national security after her and 4 other House members wrote letters demanding answers about the infiltration … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich and Agenda 21

I’ve recently been conducting research for the making of an in-depth video that will take a look at the progressivism of Newt Gingrich. I was just about to go to bed when I got to wondering how far back the … Continue reading

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