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How Long Before Trump’s “Brownshirts” Seriously Injure Or Kill Someone?

I don’t want Donald Trump to be the President of the United States. I’m not alone. Because of that viewpoint, I’ve been called nearly every name in the book, I’ve been reported to Facebook, removed from Facebook groups, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders-Supporting, HRC-hating, Communist Taunts Pro-Open Carry Advocate Outside St. Louis Zoo

A few weeks ago (on June 13th) a union-supporting communist, Richard Johnson, approached an open-carry advocate who was legally standing on the sidewalk outside the St. Louis zoo. (That’s when the video was uploaded to YouTube, anyway.) Open-carry has been … Continue reading

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House Members Filing Articles Of Impeachment Against AG Eric Holder On Thursday

Well…this story from is “fun”…but, it won’t go anywhere because it is in the SENATE where a conviction for impeachment takes place. Dems control the Senate. This will go nowhere because “The Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Net “TheBlaze” To Air TWO Pro-Gun Series Cancelled by NBC Sports

Glenn Beck & guns? Awwwww yeeeaaah! (If you’re not a long-time listener, you won’t get that. Sorry. Really…sorry.) NBC Sports Network was scheduled to air “Hot Shots” (1st season – as far as I can tell) and “3 Gun Nation” … Continue reading

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Story Keeps Disappearing: “Saudi National Questioned in Boston was on Terror Watch List” By Todd Starnes

Two times today Drudge has posted a story written by FOX News Radio’s Todd Starnes about the Saudi national that was questioned in the Boston bombings having been on the terror watch list. Each of those stories have been removed. … Continue reading

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Conservatives FAIL Online – Please Read & Share!

***I know this post is long. It will take you much less time to read it than the 6 hours I spent writing it. Please read it all. Thank you. I appreciate it.*** First, I’m a Conservative. Second, I interact … Continue reading

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Apologists in the Republican Party Attack Michele Bachmann

The apologists in the Republican party have joined the ignorant left and have come out to blast Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for standing up for national security after her and 4 other House members wrote letters demanding answers about the infiltration … Continue reading

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