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A Friend Needs Your Help…

I don’t like asking for help. I’m not good at asking for it, nor am I good at receiving it. I suppose most people are this same way. I know my friend Bonnie is. But, today it is Bonnie that … Continue reading

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Can Somebody PLEASE Define “JUSTICE” For Me? (Re: Mike Brown, Ferguson, MO)

Ferguson, MO – People marching in the streets chanting “No justice! No peace!” . What exactly does that mean? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s from the “Civil Rights era” (prior to my birth). But, what the hell does it mean … Continue reading

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An Afternoon of Tornadoes – Stanton & Pilger (My VIDEO)

Please heed the language warning if you choose to watch or listen to this video. I got sick of editing out my own bad language…so, I quit doing it about 19-minutes into this video. This video is 1 hour & … Continue reading

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Can You Help Us Find This Woman? She Stopped To Help After The Pilger Tornado

The original story is below the photo. *****UPDATE***** 8:30AM Central time – June 19, 2014 I think we have located her! I’m awaiting confirmation from HER. Thank you to EVERYONE that has helped! Gotta love the POWER of “social media”, … Continue reading

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Q: When Has Zimmerman Had Enough? A: “When the Government Decides.” (VIDEO)

Photo credit: The Blaze Best-selling “faction” (mix of fact & fiction) author Brad Thor got into a heated discussion with the hosts of local Chicago morning show “Windy City Live” yesterday. The heat came while discussing the offer Brad made … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Case Was Socially Engineered…No Less, No More

The picture to the left…who is in it? Don’t you know? The guy on the left, wearing red, is a 7-11 clerk. The guy in the black hoodie is…Trayvon Martin…MINUTES prior to his death. That picture hardly makes Trayvon appear … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just The IRS That Intimidated The TEA Party…

ENTIRE HEADLINE: It’s Not Just The IRS That Intimidated The TEA Party…It’s MULTIPLE branches of the United States government that intimidated &/or targeted the TEA Party and its members. Is my headline a “fact”? No, not at this time. Will … Continue reading

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The “Man In The Cowboy Hat” – Boston First Responder & Hero

If you’ve seen the GRAPHIC pictures today (at the bottom of this post) from the Boston Marathon bombing of the man in the wheelchair who had both of his legs blown off, you may have noticed the “man in the … Continue reading

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Crazy North Korea

I’ve been fascinated by North Korea for a few years now. Over the past 5 years or so, when I have “down-time” and don’t feel like watching regular TV I watch online videos or read news stories about North Korea. … Continue reading

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Conservatives FAIL Online – Please Read & Share!

***I know this post is long. It will take you much less time to read it than the 6 hours I spent writing it. Please read it all. Thank you. I appreciate it.*** First, I’m a Conservative. Second, I interact … Continue reading

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